Sleep was a peculiar phenomenon for me; dreams and sleep were quite inter-related to each other. It was just like jumping into a deep green ocean of dreams, the moment I feel the ocean on my skin a sensation passes through my body, bringing a soothing effect. My mind always opens up to the oceans, which enter my brain and run through each part of my body, and I feel the dreams, and I think it is the reality. Sometimes the sleep gave me such strong imagination, that those imaginations later are thought to be dreams. These dreams feel as if real. Suddenly whenever I come alive from an imagination, I feel as if I was dreaming, and I would often feel lethargic and sleepy after it. All that existed was the mind, and this body, the flesh container was just a container keeping the mind. The vast black expanse spread over the region far and wide. It is dark and black, but, there is a certain beauty about it. The beauty which can’t be described in words, only expressed through feeling and felt through eyes. The silence, which is like a blank paper, but a small sound in that silence, is just like a single dot on that blank paper. It is just a true work of beauty. The eye on the pyramid, which had blue eyes, these were the eyes that I had seen somewhere. They were peculiar. Unknown to me; but still existed somewhere in the back of my mind. I see myself in a boat, in the middle of the ocean, I have all available elements of life, but still I am searching for something of which I am not sure myself. At the horizon I see the sun rising, displaying its magnificent rays all over the world. Enhancing the green and blue colors in the ocean, and suddenly you can see what is beneath the sea. It is indeed a wonderful sight. Unfortunately I cannot describe it in words; I feel that I lack words to describe such art work of nature, such beauty. Grasped by the beauty of nature, I jump in to the deep wide ocean, the cold water feels like thousands of pins are piercing my body as inch by inch I enter the ocean, but when my whole body is in I feel peace, numb and no feelings. I feel I am resting in the great arms of the Almighty who has created this art. Truly raw art. Free from all kinds of worldly ties and knots. Free from being abstract, free from being describable in words. Just free from the earthly elements. Suddenly I feel I am short of breath and I swim to the surface and take in oxygen, and my body soothes. The sun is shining hard. There is nothing till the horizon that surrounds you. The point at which the mighty sea and the beautiful sky meets is where I want to reach, but when I reach there, I see the same sight that I see right now. As I sit in my room, I see to my right the large windows oversee this large city, and faraway I see the tiny dot of light growing bigger and bigger slowly. Conquering the whole sky and the world with its mighty light, the sun finally comes out. I see the rising sun every day and feel the power it dissolves into me, but right now, I am in the middle of the ocean swimming, wandering in the ocean thinking what I can do about this horizon that I need to reach. When I reach the horizon the sight is the same again I see the same horizon which I am unable to reach. The vast amount of knowledge is ungraspable, it is just like this horizon that I see and think if that will I be able to reach beyond that horizon. In reality there is no horizon, there is just this vast amount of sea, sun, air and the Artwork of Nature. Yes, the Artwork of Nature which is just vast. The massive knowledge that you possess is just equal to a handful of sand on the seaside. It is certainly a pity that you only can have that much. All this is just a dream; I see this dream of green ocean, sky and sun every night. I am not sure what meaning it portray, but, I am sure it has a meaning that I need to intercept, unless I don’t the dream will visit me every night. The strange dreams still visit me sometimes. They make me tend to think about the future, which is so unknown. The future if known, then what problem remains. But, the since it is not known right now, the capacity for doubt still exists. The days are passing quickly, the light fades quickly, and the night conquers the days quickly. Nothing can be certain in this mechanical world. Only thinking positive does not do the trick, instead there are other things that a person has to do. An initiative that a person is supposed to take. I sit here watch cartoons and waste my time. I am not sure myself that what am I supposed to do. The barrier has broken and now confusion has flown into the veins, where once blood flowed.