Moonchild - Part 1

The dawn arrived with heavy rain and fog, the dullness of the day filled my heart with thoughts from the dark corners of my sub-conciousness. I heard the trickling of the rain drops on my window, though I was sleeping but I could still feel them. My heart felt heavy but very light at the same time. I was in a kind of a timeless dimension. I picked up my diary and started writing:
I am in a dream, a strange exotic dream where there much greenery than I can handle, I feel the beauty of nature passing through me. At some point in my life I had taken the beauty of nature as a very trivial phenomena, but while taking a stroll through the dream I felt certainly that I had underestimated the beauty of the nature. As I walked through the forest like environment I saw a silvery lake, which had an astonishing transparency, and as I looked into the lake I could see the rocks at the bottom. I stood in the shallow of the lake and let the silence take over me. The silence took over my soul and the chaos in the brain seems to dissolve with the freshness of the place.