The White Snow - Pt - 3

It is dark outside now, as I look through the window, I see the barren though beautiful trees have all dissolved into the darkness of the night, and have become invisible. All that can been seen are the tiny lights coming from the series of houses and the people in the small building directly in front of me, they warm their food, eat and get back to work again. I see them perform the same ritual every day. In a while the nurse will be here, checking my blood pressure and other parameters of my body, it is their ritual and they have to do it. Time has passed swiftly and I carefully notice every day that passes, as the back to routine days are approaching nearer, and, this heaven like solitude, and peace, will be gone forever. Once again I will be in the frenzy of life and competition, to achieve something, for which I had been trying hard since the last two months, which resulted in this. I do not blame anyone for this, I don’t not blame myself as well, or my luck, I just don’t blame anyone, but, I just think who to blame. As I think in this room of reflection, I feel the coldness of winter in my bones, I feel the coldness of the winds in heart, which brings a dark phase upon me, and I feel it hard. I plan about my strategies about how will I be handling my life once I am discharged from here, but with heavy heart I just think about a source of income, which is the top priority for me at the moment. As my imaginary senior friend told me; “For those who are young – for them the show has just begun” and I do believe in that.